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Download Instant Good Day v2.2.2 Unity Asset For Free
Add a realistic day/night cycle by simply drag-and-dropping the prefab to your scene!Change the hour by moving a simple slider and you will see the result instantly in game and on the editor.You will obtain instant realistic outdoor environment with sky, clouds, sun, moon, stars, fog and environmental lights all harmoniously coordinated on a smooth day/night animation, super easy to use.Each animation curve, each color transition, each light intensity variation during each single moment of the day has been manually tweaked creating a natural behavior of real life day elements to obtain the most realistic experience that generates a balanced mood during the day.It is made the simplest way possible to ensure a minimal impact on your project. No complex scripts, no expensive shaders. You don’t need any programming skills at all. You don’t need to adjust hundreds of confusing editor options, all you need is a simple instant good day setup that just works right from the box.Workflow:1) Prepare your scene by removing any directional light and choosing color ambient source and disabling automatic baking on the lighting panel2) Drag and drop the InstantGoodDay prefab to your scene, it will automatically detect your camera (you can also assign it manually), change the time of the day and the speed3) Hit play and have an Instant Good Day!(optional) :- Add your own custom daily animation to the list so it will be synced with the day/night cycle allowing you to do things at specific time of the day (example: turning the street lights on at night and off during the day like on the demo).- You can also check for the current time of the day with a simple line of code! (example: you can ask what time is it at any moment like it is done on the in-game controls found on the demo scenes)- Explore the new advanced options for having more controls without loosing its simplicity and eleganceUser manual and demo scenes are included on the package.So, if you are doing that super cool project where all you needed is to recreate a good day/night cycle illumination and environment effect without spending a lot of time on this but still achieving those good results that your project deserves?… No problem:Use this package and have an Instant Good Day!~ b ~*Note: even when mobile and VR compatibility are not formally supported, tests has been done indirectly with the help of few IGD customers using IGD2 in their mobile and VR projects reporting very good results in general. On current version, VR single pass stereo rendering is not working correctly for the fog component.


Instant Good Day v2.2.2 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Instant Good Day v2.2.2 for Free

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