Download ISOMETRIUM Pro v1.2 Free


Download ISOMETRIUM Pro v1.2 Unity Asset For Free
Isometrium Pro is a essential kit for those who want to create an isiometric/top-down prospective game.RPG/Hack&Slash like Diablo, RTS like AoE/Starcraft games etc.With unique features that do not exist in other assets!Full configurable selection Box with an optional “add selection key for additive selections.Only isometrium Pro allows you to interact your mouse cursor with NavMesh indicating walkable areas where your characters can walk and where not……and will display an icon (2d, 3d or both) on the point where you clicked, which is an object and the terrain.You can create new and unlimited units formations…Full configurable top-down camera with camera collision system…Completely configurable multiple mouse cursors…Completely configurable multiple projected points images under mouse…We are still in a beta version of the asset, and many features have yet to be implemented.There are dozens of configuration combinations for the point image and mouse cursor, by the tag, by if an object/area is walkable, by additional scripts on objects…For example, cursor is full configurable and depend on the type of selected unit/object.(RTS example: if a worker is selected and you move the mouse cursor over a tree, will appear a cursor like “cut/collect.” Otherwise if you have selected an attack unit and move the cursor over the same tree….)


ISOMETRIUM Pro v1.2 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download ISOMETRIUM Pro v1.2 for Free

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