Line Warship 80 cannons v1.0

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Download Line Warship 80 cannons v1.0

Download Line Warship 80 cannons v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
Line Warship 80 cannons model.80 cannons line warship – three-masted sailing ship with 80 cannons.Corps: ~10500, ~2300, ~700 tris.Masts: ~7000, ~1000, ~500 tris.Shrouds (3 amount): ~40000, ~300, ~70 tris.Sail (14 amount): ~600, ~300, ~30 tris.and other items.Included:Animation of set and cleaning sails.Animation of sails turning left and right.Implemented damage sails.Added shooting cannons.Added lamps light and emission.Added a script to control the sails (set, cleaning, turn to the left, forward and to the right), damage sails and corps, shoting cannons, light lamps and use only shrouds LOW.


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