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Download Loader Heavy Machinery v1.1 Unity Asset For Free
[SciFi Loader Heavy Machinery]This package includes a Sci Fi style heavy machinery loader fully functional using unity’s sample assets. Includes 3 color versions and some custom shaders. Robot arm is movable separated in different pieces but does not includes any control scripts for that. Can be used also as decoration element.[Version 1.1]. Problem fixed with missing scripts. Added Unity 5 support[Version 1.0][MODEL]. Loader model: 3k tris[MAPS/MATERIALS]Model includes different maps including 3 different colors. All textures are 2048×1024. Color Map blue metal. Color Map silver metal. Color Map yellow car paint. Occlusion Map. Specular Map. Normal Map. Depth Map. Glow Map x2Including the following custom shaders.. Fake IBL. Standar Basic. Basic Glow[CAR CONTROL]This vehicle pack includes and integrates the unity’s sample assets scripts for vehicle control & physics. Fully workingAlso the robot arm is prepared to be useful with separated movable pieces, but does not include any scripts for arm control[SCENE]Demo scene included as seen in the video.


Loader Heavy Machinery v1.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Loader Heavy Machinery v1.1 for Free

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