Loading Screen v1.4.5

Download Loading Screen v1.4.5 Free


Download Loading Screen v1.4.5 Unity Asset For Free
Loading Screen is drag and drop system that allow you to create beautiful and professional loading screen for your game, save the time to create your own and use this that is so simple to use that you only need one line of code for use, instead of Application.LoadLevel();.Features:- Full UGUI System.- Smooth Transition between scenes.- Asynchronous and Fake loading.- Background Transitions.- Game Tips system.- Background sound with fade effect.- One line of code to use.- Loading Progress Bar.- Loading Progress Text.- Loading Progress Filled image.- Display Scene description.- Display Scene custon Name.- Drag and Drop system.- Fully and easy customizable.- Easy extendable.- 8 Ready made prefabs for use.


Loading Screen v1.4.5 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Loading Screen v1.4.5 for Free

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