Low Poly: Full Pack v2.1a

Download Low Poly: Full Pack v2.1a


Download Low Poly: Full Pack v2.1a Unity Asset For Free
This is the full pack of low poly, cartoon stylized 3D models for use in creating indoor and outdoor environments.The pack includes 1126 game objects at just over $0.01 an object (and growing!) + shader + script – including a selection of trees, rocks, fences, props, plants, dungeon tiles, modular terrain tiles, scifi interiors, abstract, castle pieces, hills, coral, bones, ruins, farm crops, fences, etc. that can be used for anything… your imagination is the limit!This pack includes every one of our small packs in one incredible value pack!All items use a Unity standard shader with color and can be easily modified on the fly for lightning fast creation and ease of use to change style, seasonal variants, etc. – batched where possible, no UV maps, no texture files. Easy to use, even for beginners.The pack now also includes a distortion shader for distorting meshes to add a ‘wave like’ effect for water, fire, smoke, flags, etc. as well as a script for poly water that is animated!Poly counts range from ~50 through to ~1500+ for larger more complex feature models – and all are mobile ready and friendly. We can’t wait to grow this pack with each new release!


Low Poly: Full Pack v2.1a Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Low Poly: Full Pack v2.1a for Free

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