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The quick and easy way to quickly create spline based road geometry in the editor; making use of a simple to use magnet-inspired interface to snap roads together. Use intersection pieces to create larger interconnected road networks, and use inbuilt methods to extrapolate data from the Magnet Roads to meet your own ends.?Magnet Roads is a package designed to easily and rapidly produce interconnected, high-quality roadways in Unity. Making use of a unique magnet-like polarity system to attach different roads and intersections together, Magnet Roads combines visual readability with ease-of-use to give you a road generation solution unlike any other available.New in Magnet Roads v2.0.0:+ Added ‘Regenerate all Magnet Roads’ option to the ‘Tools’ dropdown+ Terrain snapping added on magnet roads+ Changed roads to allow for custom number of lanes+ Can now spawn intersections directly at road ends+ Can now add roadside fences with custom post & panel meshes+ Can now add central fences with custom post & panel meshes+ Can now add central reservation geometry to roads, i.e. street lights+ Can now generate sidewalks along roads+ Added ‘Advanced Road Elements’ section to inspector UI for new generation tools+ Updated to Unity 2017+ Shiny new logo+ Roads now store connections internally for easier access when programming+ Road connection serialization using Guid identifiers for persistence+ Updated TBUnityLib to v1.5.1 – only minor fixes/reformatting~ Fixed issues with intersection rotation when loading from XML~ Fixed collision bug on roads with side’s higher than the road itself~ Improvements to editor inspectors~ Edited existing code files to remove useless comments~ Readability/major optimisation pass on all existing code files~ Optimised the SnapPoint and Intersection update code make more roads eat up fewer frames- Removed old example scenes- Removed road follower testing from roads- Removed StartPoints from Intersection and removed code file*Includes example and documentation.


Magnet Roads v1.1.2 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Magnet Roads v1.1.2 for Free

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