Medieval Interior Tools Pack v4.25

Download Medieval Interior Tools Pack v4.25 Free


Download Medieval Interior Tools Pack v4.25 UE4 Asset For Free
You can create realistic interiors with this package that we made as a continuation of Medieval Modular Houses Pack.Contact Us: cagri2104@gmail.comTechnical DetailsFeatures:2 Barrel, Barrel Rack, 3 Book, 6 Pot, 4 CookingPot, CookingLadle, DinnerPlate, 2 Chair, 2 Picture Frame,2 Chest(2 ChestCap), 3 Rack, 2 Cheese, 4 Shelf, 3 Sack, 2 Table, 2 Benc, 3 Countertops, Writing Table, Bar Chair,2 Pumpkin, Watermelon, Tomato, Apple,2 Meat, Bread, Beer Mug, Paper, Letter, InkPen-Inkpot, Coin, CoinBag,Cleaver, Knife.Collision: (Yes-Low)Vertex Count: Min 12- Max 5051Number of Meshes: 84Number of Materials: 106Number of Textures: 272Important/Additional Notes:We have prepared 10 blueprints to make your work easier while creating your interior designs.Bp_Books (3 books mesh, 8 Texture)Bp_Candle-Holder-ABp_Candle-Holder-BBp_Carpet (4 Texture)Bp_ChandelierBp_Chest-ABp_Chest-BBp_Picture-Frame (2 Frame mesh, 7 Texture)Bp_Sign (4 Texture)Bp_Stove


Medieval Interior Tools Pack v4.25 Is a paid Unreal UE4 Asset , But now you can download Medieval Interior Tools Pack v4.25 for Free

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