Medieval Tavern v4.25

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Download Medieval Tavern v4.25 UE4 Asset For Free
A collection of triple­A assets for you to decorate a medieval tavern. “Medieval Tavern” is an addition to the “Medieval Village” pack.Mesh Showcase: to the “Old Village” pack. Populate your medieval tavern with this selection of high quality props.This pack could also help you populate a pirate harbour, Viking hall and everything in between!*Please take note that the first 2 screenshot are taken using assets from both the “Old Tavern” and “Old Village” packs*Technical DetailsItem content:• (58) Static meshes• (14) Master Materials• (129) TexturesPhysically­Based Rendering: YesTexture Size:• (97) (2048×2048)• (10) (1024×2048)• (7) (512×512)• (9) (1024×1024)• (4) (512×1024)• (4) (1024×512)Collision: Yes, automatically generatedVertex Count: LODs: YES, 50% incrementsNumber of Meshes: 58 Static meshes in totalNumber of Materials and Material Instances:14 Master Materials, 42 Material InstancesNumber of Textures: 131Number of Particles: 1Intended Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONEPlatforms Tested: PC (Nvidia Gtx 970)Documentation Included: Yes


Medieval Tavern v4.25 Is a paid Unreal UE4 Asset , But now you can download Medieval Tavern v4.25 for Free

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