Mesh Explosion v1.13

Download Mesh Explosion v1.13 Free


Download Mesh Explosion v1.13 Unity Asset For Free
Mesh Explosion is a special effect script that takes any 3D mesh and explodes it out into its component triangles for a cool shattering explosion effect.Features:* Extremely easy to use: simply drag one script onto your GameObject, and call its Explode() method* Create fast visual-only explosions, or full physics explosions with fragments that interact with the environment* Tested and fully working on all Unity versions between 2017.4 and 2020.1, including 2018.4 LTS and 2019.4 LTS* Includes full C# source code* Works with free and Pro versions of Unity and on all platforms including mobile


Mesh Explosion v1.13 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Mesh Explosion v1.13 for Free

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