Mesh Tracer v2.2

Download Mesh Tracer v2.2 Free


Download Mesh Tracer v2.2 Unity Asset For Free
The Mesh Tracer tool lets you easily add visual effects to any 3D model. Use particle systems and trail renderers to create breathtaking scenes or unique effects to juice up your game.Includes:- Tons of prefabs to get you started.- 7 example scenes.- Simple to use and versatile scripts for creating your own effects.- Documentation and support through tutorial videos and blogs.Capabilities:- Easily create awesome effects using any 3D model.- Replace all vertices on a mesh with particles.- Send a wave of particles across a mesh.- Trace the edges or triangles of any mesh in interesting ways.- Create a colorful wire-frame of your mesh.- Replace all the edges in your mesh with curves.- Animated Mesh Support.- Camera culling for increased performance.- Mobile friendly features


Mesh Tracer v2.2 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Mesh Tracer v2.2 for Free

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