Mobile Add-on for UFPS v1.0.1

Download Mobile Add-on for UFPS v1.0.1


Download Mobile Add-on for UFPS v1.0.1 Unity Asset For Free
This package provides a nice touch control interface for UFPS, allowing gameplay on current-gen iOS and Android devices. Important: Please see bottom of this description for compatibility notes!Features:• Mobile UI System to control UFPS on touch devices• Tested on current-gen iOS & Android devices.• Optional NGUI implementation included as .unitypackage• 3 Controller Types to control player movement: Dynamic, Static and Touch Pad• AutoPitch to level out the camera for a better mobile user experience• HUD Sway to move the HUD along with the players movements• Contextual Controls to show/hide parts of the HUD based on game state• Crosshair Control changes colors when targeting an enemy• Assisted Targeting for crosshair tracking of enemies during combat• Mouse and keyboard simulation of touch in the editor simplifies game creation for mobile devices


Mobile Add-on for UFPS v1.0.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Mobile Add-on for UFPS v1.0.1 for Free

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