Mobile Power Ups Full Package

Download Mobile Power Ups Full Package Free


Download Mobile Power Ups Full Package Unreal Asset For Free
This package also contains materials, textures and particle effects for the power ups. Additional included are ready to place prefabs for each of the variations and an HDR background image. List of Power Ups:SkullBoost ArrowLockBatteryShieldMagnetCrystalCoinMedikitStarHeartJerrycanBoltRace FlagsHourglassGemPotionBombTrophyTools (Wrench & Screwdriver)AxeBananasBellBurgerCoffeeDiceDevilDropsFlowerGlueHelmetKnifeLighterNitroPeanutPearlRingRocketWheelWingsBalloonBonbonBuillionCartridgeCherryCrownDynamiteExclamation MarkGearGift BoxGunHammerQuestion MarkKeyMoney BagMoney StackPillStop WatchSuitcaseTreasure ChestTechnical DetailsNumber of Meshes: 60Number of Particle Systems: 15Number of Materials: 192Number of Textures: 244Texture Resolution: 239: 256×256, 1: 128×128, 3: 64×64, 1: 2048×1024 (HDRI)


Mobile Power Ups Full Package Is a paid Unreal Asset , But now you can download Mobile Power Ups Full Package for Free

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