Mobile VR Interaction Pack

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Download Mobile VR Interaction Pack Unity Asset For Free
This pack contains a Gaze Input Module that works with Unity’s Event System with custom options such as Interaction Distance, Show Outline, and Click via Gaze. Additionally, the pack allows the player to interaction with worldspace UI elements based on the camera’s distance to the UI.The demo scene shows how to:- Change the material on objects via gaze- Interact with UI elements- Use an outline on objects- Play animations- Move physics object- Show text descriptions over items- Move the player- Prevent movement when looking at interactive objects.- Includes 2 dot ‘reticles’: The first is from GoogleVR, a dot which expands into a ring. The 2nd reticle is a customized version that is not shown (invisible) unless the player is looking at an interactive object, at which point it expands into a dot.


Mobile VR Interaction Pack Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Mobile VR Interaction Pack for Free

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