Download MODULAR MEDIEVAL ASSET PACK Unreal Asset For Free
Start making your fantasy town with this asset pack! In this pack you will find all you need to make a start! This pack includes 150 High quality meshes, High quality materials with many parameters allowing for an incredible amount of variation! Included are landscapes, advanced customizable shaders, grass, rocks, fences, roads and buildings and more!Video: DetailsThis pack does not include the trees and bush assets shown above(does include grass, twig scatter and ivy) 150+ high quality assets including modular buildings, rocks, props and more! Modular building set Materials with exposed parameters allowing the tinting of walls, blending control, texture swapping ect backdrop landscapes, grass, ivy, rocks and props. Fully lit scenes, both night and day showcasing the quality possible with this set. Asset zoo scene with everything laid out.Texture Sizes: 2048×2048, 1024×1024, 512×512, 1024x128Collision: YES primitive boxes for 99% of assets, ground uses more complex collision (still cheap using a lower detail version for collision)Vertex Count: between 30 – 5000 depending on asset size and importanceLODs: Yes, Meshes with less that 500 tris do not have LODS and neither do the backdrop landscape meshs that do not need them.Number of Meshes: 180Number of Materials and Material Instances: 91 (including post process and effects materials)Number of Textures: 162Supported Development Platforms: WindowsSupported Target Build Platforms: WindowsThis pack does not include the trees and bush assets shown above


MODULAR MEDIEVAL ASSET PACK Is a paid Unreal Asset , But now you can download MODULAR MEDIEVAL ASSET PACK for Free

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