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Download Museum VR Complete Edition Unity Asset For Free
Asset pack and virtual museum environmentThis virtual museum environment contains 82 optimized models of real world ancient works of art, originating from many ancient cultures of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. Actual ancient relics that are found on display at the great museums around the world were photo-scanned and optimized to be used in a variety of your Unity projects.This is a complete and enhanced pack that includes the following 4 separate asset packsMuseum VR Vol. 1Museum VR Vol. 2Museum VR Vol. 3Museum VR Vol. 4Flying camera mode included. All assets are assigned with a standard shader material, using 2 – 2048×2048 texture maps – diffuse and normal.For best experience the demo scenes require importing the following Unity’s free asset into your project -Lens FlaresPost Effect presets are included in the pack, just install post effects via the Package ManagerFor optimal quality please set pixel light count at 40 (for real-time scene) and 8 for baked light scene. To do so, please go – Edit > Project Settings > Quality – Find pixel light count parameter, and set it to 40.Main Features of the pack* 4 museum room environments with columns, lights and marble benches* 1 baked light setup* 26 ancient Greek & Roman art assets* 16 ancient Egyptians art assets* 23 ancient Asian art assets* 13 later post-classic era European art assets* Average triangle count per asset is 5000* Description tags


Museum VR Complete Edition Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Museum VR Complete Edition for Free

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