New UI Widgets v1.8.4

Download New UI Widgets v1.8.4 Free


Download New UI Widgets v1.8.4 Unity Asset For Free
New UI Widgets is a set of widgets and UI interactions; it also includes a widgets generator for the custom data types and converter from default Text to TextMeshPro.Collections:- Combobox- ListView- Table- TileView- TreeView- DirectoryTreeView *- FileListView *Widgets can be generated for the your custom type with context menu “Create / New UI Widgets / Generate Widgets”Virtualization (recycling) supported: gameobjects are created for the visible items only.Containers:- Accordion- TabsDialog:- DatePicker / DateTimePicker- DateScrollerPicker / DateTimeScrollerPicker- Dialog- FileDialog *- FolderDialog *- Notify- Picker- Popup- TimePickerInput:- Autocomplete- Calendar- ColorPicker- ColorPickerRange- DateScroller / DateTimeScroller / TimeScroller- RangeSlider- Spinner- Switch- TimeOther:- Paginator- Progressbar- Sidebar- Tooltip- Style (Skins) supportInteractions:- Bring to Front- Draggable- Drag and Drop support- Groupable- Resizable- RotatableWorks with:- TextMesh Pro- Data Bind for Unity* not available on platforms with restricted access to file system (like WebGL and Windows Store/UWP)


New UI Widgets v1.8.4 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download New UI Widgets v1.8.4 for Free

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