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Download NextGen Sprites v1.3.9 Unity Asset For Free
NextGenSprites is a modular Shader-Set made for Unity’s Sprite System.One Standard Shader – Many FeaturesThe Standard Shaders cover:-Hue Shift with Saturation and Contrast-Multi Layered Sprites w/ stencil Masking-Curvature (Normal mapping)-Reflections (Screenspace Projected)-Multi Layer Emission-Tranmission-Dissolve with Edge Glow-Shadow casting + receivingNo idea what the features do? Just try the Webplayer Demo!FX ShadersUse the included FX Shaders to make your Sprites even more awesome:-Glass-Lava-Liquid-Mega StackFull ControlThe Material Inspector does not only give you full control over all properties and tinting, but you can also use Photoshop style Masking to occlude areas of your sprite from Emission and Reflection.LightingThe Standard Shader can operate with either Multiple Lights, only Directional Light or be just Unlit(reduced feature set).NextGenSprites also allows Shadow Casting on all Shaders and Shadow receiving(!) on a special Shader set.À la carteWith its dynamic “Toggle as you need” Workflow, NextGenSprites allows you to only use the Features you need on a per Material basis.Intuitive and well DocumentedThe Custom Material Inspector is not only easy to use, but each section and feature sports a help button to jump you straight into the corresponding Wiki entry. You can also export and Import properties to materials, perfect for Animations.Scripting and PlaymakerWith the included Helper Methods and Playmaker Actions, changing or animating the Sprites Materials at runtime becomes super easy!NoteNeeds Shader Model 3.0


NextGen Sprites v1.3.9 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download NextGen Sprites v1.3.9 for Free

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