PBR Helicopter AH-1W SuperCobra v1.0

Download PBR Helicopter AH-1W SuperCobra v1.0


Download PBR Helicopter AH-1W SuperCobra v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
DescriptionDetailed model of a AH-1W called SuperCobra.Animated*** and Optimized.This 3D model was created as main game element for powerful mobile/tablet* with 1K textures but can also be used for Desktop Version with 2K PBR workFlow.Adittional Map and PSD file include with masked area (dirt,dust,plastic…) to create your own texture.This package comes with 4 untexted base color.Heat distortion normal map include to simulate hot air with particules.Mesh Details:- Textures Size : 2048- 4 Cockpit Textures 2K (PBR)- 2 Fake Motion Blades Textures 2K- 1 Body Texture 2K (PBR)- 1 Mechanic Texture 2K (PBR)- 1 Scratched Texture 2K- 1 Weapons support Texture 2K (PBR)- Custom colliders (to create damage system)- Canopy- Body- Engine- Main Rotor- Blades- Landing Gear- Torque- Weapons Support- CanonAnimation:-Pilot and gunner doors : Animation Clip-Collective pitch : Animation Clip-Blades bending : Animation Clip-Tail Rotor : Animation Clip-Turret and rotors : Via custom scriptLevel of Detail:LOD0 : 32,450 Tris – 10 Materials**LOD1: 12,711 Tris – 9 Materials**LOD2: 5,916 Tris – 8 Materials**Scripts:Provided scripts are for testing purpose only and should not being used in game.All images and video are rendered with Unity using “PostProcessingStack” and “Standard Asset”.


PBR Helicopter AH-1W SuperCobra v1.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download PBR Helicopter AH-1W SuperCobra v1.0 for Free

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