PBR Military (pack) v1.0

Download PBR Military (pack) v1.0 Free


Download PBR Military (pack) v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
Hello everyone,The military pack received a new update.Characters do not have animations but have humanoid riggThe new update pack contains 37 PBR models.Characters:-Elite Soldiers-Humanoid rigg-Customized Soldier-Humanoid rigg-Customized Soldier Woman-Humanoid rigg-PBR Soldier-Humanoid rigg and animations-Soldier Gas-Humanoid rigg-Diver-Humanoid rigg-Diver 2-Humanoid rigg-Policman-Humanoid rigg-Marine-Humanoid rigg-Marine 2-Humanoid rigg-Sapper-Humanoid rigg-Investigator-Humanoid rigg-Dog-Animations-Drone-Animations-Drone 2-Not AnimationsWeapons:-Armored box-Automatic Gun-Automatic Rifle01-Automatic Rifle02-Automatic Rifle03-Automatic Rifle04-Automatic Rifle02-Axe-Axe 02-Crossbow-First Aid-Flashlight-Grenade-Grenade Gun-Gun-Gun 02-Gun-Knife-Shotgun-Sniper Rifle-Sniper Rifle 2-Stand Weapons-Armored Car


PBR Military (pack) v1.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download PBR Military (pack) v1.0 for Free

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