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Physics Inspector is an editor extension that can help with getting precise values from things such as (Velocity and Impact Forces). Also is a visual aid in determining if your objects are moving faster than what you want them too.Physics Inspector in this current version is an overall general help aid to get the most precise calculations.Have you ever had a situation where you needed to know exactly how long you were in the air between jumping and need to know exactly how fast your character was moving to make a jump have to be done perfectly?Or how about you want to make sure you object is balanced without tipping over. Physics Inspector actually calculates the rotations of your objects to put off warnings if your object has leaned over too much, thus falling over because of gravity.Physics Inspector is the once and future all you need precise Physics Calculations system that you will ever need.*Currently Supported things* Realtime Velocity calculations. Curves to help visually aid your velocities. Single Impact Force. Impacting Force between two objects. Air Time (How long we were in the aid).Color Coded bounding box to help visually aid how fast we want our objects to go.(Only Show the next update, to plan accordingly)*Upcoming update* Vehicle Physics Calculations. Bug Fixes if any are found.


Physics Inspector v1.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Physics Inspector v1.0 for Free

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