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Download Pie Menu Z Unity Asset For Free
Pie Menu Z is a multi-input based graphical unit interface pie menu. It is meant to be user friendly.Updated! New major version available!This product works perfectly in Unity free.Features:- Easy to Use / Integrate / Customize / Align / Switch.- Source Code and Documentation included.- Axis based control: You can use your mouse, keyboard, joystick and controller to control the Pie Menu.- Cursor based control: Use the Pie Menu as any other menu.- Multi-touch control: Set up a Pie Menu for each finger, to unleash the true power of the multi-touch.- Does not require programming knowledge: Now you don’t have to know how to code. Everything is there, in the inspector for you.- For the programmers, every function and method is accessible by code too.- Two demo scene and four tutorial scene included.- Three themes included (+ standard).- Attractive transitions.- Supported Unity GUI standards: GUISkin, GUIStyle, GUIContent, upcoming support for uGUI.- Slow Motion, Snap to option, real-time input change, Colorizing, Different Shapes…


Pie Menu Z Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Pie Menu Z for Free

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