Pistol Animset Pro v2.51

Download Pistol Animset Pro v2.51


Download Pistol Animset Pro v2.51 Unity Asset For Free
This is a complete set of over 120 motion capture animations, to build a seamless, third person perspective character with pistol movement for your game. It is also a TOP-DOWN SHOOTER game template.The game template requires PlayMaker, but the 120+ animations don’t – you can use them to build your own game!The top-down shooter game template includes:- Player character with pistol, grenades and melee using motion capture- Enemies with pistols using Unity Navigation- 4 kinds of door mechanisms (including keycard!)- explosive barrel s- 1m high obstacles you can vault- elevator- teleporter- explosive land mines- hackable automatic turrets- enemy kill conter- a game levelAnimations are compatible with Rifle Animset Pro controller. You can play the animations on whole body or switch the upper body between rifle and pistol animations – the legs move the same in both packages. Animations use MECANIM Humanoid rig. The animations use Root Motion (which can be disabled with 1 click in Unity if you want)Set consists of over 120 animations, from which you can make game mechanics for:- Walking- Running- Crouching- Shooting- Getting hit- Grenade throwing- Aiming with Additive animations- Melee attacks- Sprinting- Platformer jumping- and more


Pistol Animset Pro v2.51 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Pistol Animset Pro v2.51 for Free

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