Pixel Arsenal v1.3

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Download Pixel Arsenal v1.3 Unity Asset For Free
Pixel Arsenal is a bundle of ~500 retro particle effects.This pack includes missiles, explosions, flamethrowers, and several other combat and interaction effects.The effects are sorted into 3 categories: Combat, Environment and Interactive.Check out the full list of effects at the bottom of this description.Features:- 95 unique FX- 510 Total Prefabs- Most FX available in 5-6 colors- 47 Sound FX- 61 Textures- Pre-colored texture atlases- Modular texture atlases- Low res texture atlases- Interactive demo project- Scripts for light effects- Script for static laser beamsCombat Effects:- Aura FX (1 type)- Beam FX (2 types)- Blood FX (4 types)- Death FX (8 types)- Explosion FX (23 types)- Flamethrower FX (2 types)- Missile FX (22 types)- Muzzleflash FX (11 types)- Nova FX (1 type)- Regenerate FX (1 type)- Sword FX (Slash/Impact)Environment Effects:- Fire FX (3 types)- Fireflies FX (1 type)- Liquids FX (1 type)- Sparkle FX (1 type)Interactive Effects:- Beamup FX (1 type)- BoostPads FX (2 types)- Confetti FX (4 types)- Healing FX (3 types)- LootRay FX (2 types)- Pickups FX (3 types)- Portal FX (1 type)- Powerup Box FX (6 types)- Powerup Ring FX (1 type)


Pixel Arsenal v1.3 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Pixel Arsenal v1.3 for Free

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