PolyNav – 2D Pathfinding v1.6.0

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Download PolyNav - 2D Pathfinding v1.6.0

Download PolyNav – 2D Pathfinding v1.6.0 Unity Asset For Free
Poly|Nav is a lightweight polygonal based 2D pathfinding solution using A*, that is extremely easy to setup and use, made for your Unity’s new 2D system games!• Define the walkable and obstacle area polygons with ease!• Generate or update the navigation areas in runtime for procedural levels!• Includes a complete steering agent component!• Use an easy API to control your agents!• Includes NodeCanvas tasks!• Includes Playmaker actions!PolyNav can be great for Adventure, Isometric, Side-Scrollers and Top Down 2D Games!NEW: Composite Colliders SupportNEW: Multiple Navigation MapsNEW: NodeCanvas IntegrationNEW: Playmaker IntegrationNEW: Simple Agent AvoidanceNEW: Agent offset from edges


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https://hitf.cc/XxvBKt7/Poly-Nav – 2D Pathfinding v1.6.0.rar.html
https://turb.cc/XxvBKt7/Poly-Nav – 2D Pathfinding v1.6.0.rar.html
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