Pro Sound Collection v1.3

Download Pro Sound Collection v1.3 Free


Download Pro Sound Collection v1.3 Unity Asset For Free
Pro Sound Collection has helped hundreds of game developers improve the quality of their Unity games.Gamemaster Audio is a team of professional sound designers who have worked on many indie and AAA game titles. We spent years developing, recording and editing sound effects just for this package.Everything has been finely cut up and categorized into folders to save you lots of time. We guarantee these sounds will improve the quality all your game titles for many years.Pro Sound Collection contains EVERYTHING from ALL our other highly rated sound packages. Including:Gun Sound Pack $19 *****Bullet Impact Sounds $15 *****Fun Casual Sounds $15 *****Fun Character Voices $10 *****Sci-Fi Sounds and Sci-Fi Weapons $19 ****Magic and Spell Sounds $25Explosion Sound Pack $10 *****Punch Sound Pack $10 *****Footstep and Foley Sounds $10 *****Human Vocalizations $25Retro 8 Bit Sounds $15Fun Animal Voices $19Troll Monster Vocalizations $10Silenced Gun Sounds $19WARFARE SOUNDS $39Over $250 value! Plus there are MANY more sounds only found in this collection! Save time and money and get Pro Sound Collection today.Listen to the ALL the audio previews on soundcloud HEREFull sound list and patch notes can be viewed HERESound Categories:• Alarms • Ambience • Beeps • Birds • Bullets • Buttons • Cartoon • Cinematic • Collectibles • Comedy • Doors • Electricity • Explosions • Fire • Funny Animal Voices • Foley • Footsteps • Guns • Hums • Items • Levers • Magic • Misc. • Music • Nature • Powerups • Punches • Retro/8Bit • Sci-Fi • Snow / Ice • Switches • User Interface • Voice (death screams, etc) • Water • Weapons • Whooshes + MANY MANY MORE!


Pro Sound Collection v1.3 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Pro Sound Collection v1.3 for Free

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