Procedural Aurora v2.0

Download Procedural Aurora v2.0 Free


Download Procedural Aurora v2.0 Unity Asset For Free
Procedural Aurora creates beautiful dynamic real-time northen lights.Features:? Real-time Particles MovementCUSTOMIZATION? Custom Seed Value? Custom Particles Count? Custom Speed? Custom Rotation and Sizes? Custom Curvature Value? Custom Particles SizeVOLUMETRIC EFFECT? Random Angle RangeAUDIO SOURCE VISUALIZATION? Change aurora’s opacity, frequency, colors, height and more basing on average/frequency audio amplitudeAURORA LIGHTS? Lights Count? Lights Range? Lights IntesityAURORA COLORS? Colors based on gradientDemo scene contains Post-Processing demo profile.


Procedural Aurora v2.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Procedural Aurora v2.0 for Free

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