Animal Rush (Tap-Tap-Dash Style) Unity Template

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Animal Rush (Tap-Tap-Dash Style) Unity Template Unity Source code

Unity Version : 5.4.1f1

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Animal Rush includes:

– 140 levels

– Cute graphics

– Play game

Features and requirements
You can buy products at the supermarket with items available to cater to your business and requirements.
To attract more customers, you just need to visit the house … you can buy your products such as choosing leaflets connected to the product for customers, choosing the form of television advertising; choose internet advertising, radio…
2 market research specialists will appear in the building at every level: Market Research (this will help you figure out the products needed to produce in each mission)
Don’t forget to rotate the lucky wheel called lottery that will be rotated every Sunday
Upgrade more achievements
Visit the Tech building to upgrade your farm as needed
Connect and share

Connect and share via Facebook
Integrate ads easily.
Easy IAP integration.
How to Set Up and Reskin
Easy configuration, integration and setup, all documentation included in the Att . file

Please review the unity version before you purchase,Some codes may work with newer versions of unity just fine, others may require modifying.

Animal Rush (Tap-Tap-Dash Style) Unity Template
Animal Rush (Tap-Tap-Dash Style) Unity Template

1 Credit

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