Sliding Santa

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Sliding Santa Unity Source code

Unity Version : 5.6.0f3

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Sliding Santa is the perfect game for Christmas season?s: help Mr. Santa slide through a slippery, zig-zag, snowy path amid a beautiful pine forest to collect presents for all the children! Tap and hold to turn left, release to turn right. Avoid the obstacles and collect the gifts. It couldn’t be simpler! But it’s not only about Santa and Xmas: there’re dozens of built-in vehicles and characters ready to be unlocked, and some special characters even change the environment to a completely different world (like the characters of Crossy Road)! ??

This template was made with Unity C# and optimized for iOS and Android devices. It is a complete, ready-for-release product. It comes with all the desired features: ads, iap, leaderboard, achievement, sharing (GIF & PNG), rating prompt, notification, etc. The template was designed with flexibility in mind. With the help of the detailed documentation, you’ll be able to customize and get it to the stores in no time.



To test in-app purchase without being charged, follow these steps:

– Login to your browser with your testing account

– Join our beta testing campaign

– Add the testing account to your Android device

– Test with the above demo APK


Perfect game for Christmas. But it’s even more than that.
Simple, addictive gameplay suitable for everyone.
Lots of built-in characters ready to be unlocked. Can built different worlds for special characters!
Daily reward system for better retention.
All assets (sounds, fonts, models, sprites, etc.) are free for commercial use.
Optimized for iOS and Android.
Full C# source code.
?Detailed documentation.

Please review the unity version before you purchase,Some codes may work with newer versions of unity just fine, others may require modifying.

Sliding Santa
Sliding Santa

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