Zombie Killer Physics Puzzle Game

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Zombie Killer Physics Puzzle Game Unity Source code

Unity Version : 2017.1.0f3

Regular Price : 59$

Product Link : https://www.sellmyapp.com/downloads/zombie-killer-physics-puzzle-game/

Zombie Killer is a physics puzzle game, you can touch the item on screen to move them and kill all zombie. This game uses your intelligence and ingenuity to play. Using Zombie Killer complete project and make new game for this Halloween.

Zombie Killer Physics Puzzle Game using Unity 2017.1. This is amazing project for you to custom and make new game . ItÂ’s easy to make a new physics puzzle game, you can arrange the objects in game to make a new amazing game and no need coding.

Zombie Killer integrated Admob to monetize with FireBase Analytics to view report. This project also have FaceBook SDK for sharing and viral your game.
Zombie Killer have 30 awesome levels for you to play, you can easily to add new level and custom this project to new game.

Demo APK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5XFinDHg3-ZcW1hOWVnS0czYWc/view

Addicting game, simple to play.
Easy to add and custom levels.
Easy to reskin.
Facebook SDK integrated.
Integrated Admob.
FireBase Analytics.
Clean code, full C# with comment.
Fun Graphics.
Amazing sound track.
30 levels and more.

Please review the unity version before you purchase,Some codes may work with newer versions of unity just fine, others may require modifying.

Zombie Killer Physics Puzzle Game
Zombie Killer Physics Puzzle Game

1 Credit

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