Property Backing Field Drawer v3.3.0

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Download Property Backing Field Drawer v3.3.0 Unity Asset For Free
How do you draw your inspectors? Do you sacrifice on fundamentals of API design by making all of your fields public? Do you re-implement your property setters’ logic in your property drawers? If you’re frustrated trying to make your properties play nicely with Unity, this package is designed to help!This production-tested package not only lets you automatically call your property setters when editing values in the inspector, but it handles undoing, reverting to prefab values, working with Get/Set methods for array and list properties, and even effortlessly using your existing fancy PropertyDrawers for your backing fields. By simply adding an attribute to your property’s serialized backing field, you can take advantage of your existing setter logic, spending more time on your APIs, and less on custom editors.Please feel free to include this package in your own asset store offerings!


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