Real Fire & Smoke v1.02

Download Real Fire & Smoke v1.02


Download Real Fire & Smoke v1.02 Unity Asset For Free
This asset uses high resolution animated spritesheets combined with shuriken particles. Features 3 styles of fire, as well as smoke, sparks and refractive heatwaves.The effects are sorted in 7 categories: Explosions, Fire, Flamethrower, Projectiles, Refraction, Smoke, Sparks and Trails.Features:- 3 styles of fire- 80 Prefabs total- 7 categories- 5 Explosion sounds & 3 fire sounds- 5 Spritesheets for fire (different styles)- 2 Spritesheets for smoke- 2 Spritesheets for refraction- 3 Textures for glow and sparks- Spritesheet sizes are between 2048 and 8192 pixels with 64 frames of animation


Real Fire & Smoke v1.02 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Real Fire & Smoke v1.02 for Free

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