Real Rocks Vol.I v1.3

Download Real Rocks Vol.I v1.3 Free


Download Real Rocks Vol.I v1.3 Unity Asset For Free
Included destructible version of the rocksA collection of 15 large rocks, built following a real morphology.The rocks can be used either alone, or to build cliffs or mountains .5 pre made configurations included.Video 1 – Video 2 – Video 3All rocks come with atlas texture(4096 to 512) and 3 stage of LOD :Rock1 Lod0:5772 Lod1:1554 Lod2:602Rock2 Lod0:3180 Lod1:1144 Lod2:460Rock3 Lod0:3492 Lod1:1614 Lod2:460Rock4 Lod0: 3456Lod1: 1572Lod2:472Rock5 Lod0:4380 Lod1:1398 Lod2:450Rock6 Lod0: 4680Lod1: 1540Lod2:646Rock7 Lod0:3504 Lod1: 1412Lod2:486Rock8 Lod0:3468 Lod1:1304 Lod2:530Rock9 Lod0: 3648Lod1: 1510Lod2:532Rock10 Lod0: 3744Lod1: 1510Lod2:640


Real Rocks Vol.I v1.3 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Real Rocks Vol.I v1.3 for Free

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