Retro Aesthetics v1.5.5

Download Retro Aesthetics v1.5.5 Free


Download Retro Aesthetics v1.5.5 Unity Asset For Free
Retro Aesthetics asset provides all resources to turn a game of any genre into a stylish 80’s movies inspired title. It covers object materials, a full-screen camera effect, textures and UI, sound effects and music, as well as color presets and demos of the asset in action. We made it easily extensible to give you a possibility to tune to the unique needs of your game.Features:- Demo Scenes. Three versions of a racing scene to show various adjustments- Materials. Specific glow/diffuse materials and textures- Skybox. Highly customizable set of options to decorate the sky- Camera Effects. Extensive and exclusve set of parameters to achieve the polished look of the project.- Graphics to make Logos. A collection of graphics pieces, primitives, shapes etc. Work nicely with Fonts (read on…)- Fonts. A pack of fonts, mostly bitmap, ready to use, yet adjustable- Sound. An aural addition to the vibe.What’s Included• Everything you see in the demo.• 2 Music tracks (Gameplay and Menu) and 44 SFX• 17 pieces of UI graphics• 16 UV textures• 8 sets of bitmap fonts• 60+ models used in Demo scenes


Retro Aesthetics v1.5.5 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Retro Aesthetics v1.5.5 for Free

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