Rigged Sea Animals v2.0

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Download Rigged Sea Animals v2.0 Unity Asset For Free
Rigged Sea Animals PackPack made of 13 different sea animals, with minimum 1 animation on each animal.The pack is composed of the elements in the list below;Squid (7632 poly)Sperm whale (6836 poly)Striped dolphin (3212 poly)Sea bream (614 poly)Risso dolphin (2928 poly)Moray eel (1116 poly)Long finned pilot whale (3320 poly)Killer whale (3072 poly)Fin whale (3440 poly)Cuvier beaked whale (3622 poly)Common dolphin (2776 poly)Common botlenose dolphin (3212 poly)Basking shark (3595 poly)All models are rigged with diffuse and normal textures up to 4096×4096.Perfect for making subaquatic environments.


Rigged Sea Animals v2.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Rigged Sea Animals v2.0 for Free

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