Robot Warrior 2 v1.0

Download Robot Warrior 2 v1.0 Free


Download Robot Warrior 2 v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
UPDATE: added 17 new animationsAnimated model with 32 animations (!), 7.700 triangles, 4 LOD stage, one material.Improoved texture and new PBR material.4 LOD stages: LOD0: 7700, LOD1: 6100, LOD2: 3492, LOD3: 954,BaseColor, Normal, mask (metallic, AO and Roughness) and emissive maps included with 2K size.NOTE: Background models from images and video are NOT INCLUDED with this character.Animations:backpedal, damage, damage_02, damage_03, dash_back, dash_forward, dash_left, dash_right, destroyed, Idle, Idle_02, Idle_attack, jump, jumpAir, jumpEnd, jumpSmall, jumpStart, running, short_gun_burst, short_gun_burst_ForntBack, short_gun_burst_sides, spraying_shoot, spraying_shoot_Behind, spraying_shoot_Front, spraying_shoot_FrontBack, spraying_shoot_Left, spraying_shoot_Right, spraying_shoot_Side, spraying_shoot_UpDOwn, strafe_left, strafe_right, walking


Robot Warrior 2 v1.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Robot Warrior 2 v1.0 for Free

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