Rog – Roguelike Framework v1.21

Download Rog - Roguelike Framework v1.21


Download Rog – Roguelike Framework v1.21 Unity Asset For Free
Rog is a framework that allows you to create your very own roguelikes by giving you all the low-level tools you need to get started quickly and easily!Features:- Built-in map editor, which allows you to generate maps by simply drawing them.- Immediate or smooth interpolated movement.- Customizable procedural cave and dungeon map generators.- Built-in support for systems/concepts that you might expect to find in rogue-likes, such as items, actions, statistics, a turn-based system, a level-up system, field-of-view, and more.- A very efficient 2D A* path-finding system.- Built-in support for combat events that allow you to know when certain events occurred, such as when someone has died, when someone has dealt damage to another, etc.- A one-function AI system that is automatically bound to the turn-based system. Meaning that actors perform their actions at the correct time, and you will not need to ever concern yourself with who goes when.- Built-in support for customizable Item loot-tables.- The entire framework is well documented and easy to modify in order to suit your needs.


Rog – Roguelike Framework v1.21 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Rog – Roguelike Framework v1.21 for Free

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