RUSTIC Grass v1.25

Download RUSTIC Grass v1.25 Free


Download RUSTIC Grass v1.25 Unity Asset For Free
This new Pack contains of 100 Unique Grass Textures, all in High Quality (.psd Files) and directly settled for using in Unity 5 (Alpha Blending adjusted, Perfect Background Color & Alpha Transparency).From 4K(4096×4096), the Textures Files are compressed in 2K(2048p) in the Engine.All of them, have been photographed at different seasons and kind of natural environments.From realistic meadows, fields to mountains, dunes, watersides places…, you will have a lot of choice for combining and fitting harmoniously your Terrains vegetation in mostly all the circumstances.In addition, there are 5 New Grounds Textures in 2K(2048p) with their Maps (AO, Height, Normal & Smoothness-Specular).By using the Unity 5 Native Builds, Terrain Editors, Grass Shaders or any others Assets, the Textures are compatible and can be edited too in your own 2D/3D Softs.A Grass Board is here to help you, step by step, then choosing the right Grass uses and combinations.


RUSTIC Grass v1.25 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download RUSTIC Grass v1.25 for Free

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