Sand Stone Pack

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Download Sand Stone Pack UE4 Asset For Free
Six high resolution sand stone models created from 4 million triangle source scans under studio conditions. Each stone comes with 4k textures for base color and normal, roughness is derived from the base color inside the material. The stones have unique top and bottom sides, making them very versatile to be used in different combinations. They are modeled to real world scale, between 17 to 28 cm in length, to work well for VR applications.Technical DetailsPhysically-Based Rendering: YesTexture Size: 4096×4096 basecolor, normal texture and 1024×0124 detail texturesCollision: Yes (automatically generated)Vertex Count: 1000/500/250/125LODs: 4 Levels of LODNumber of Meshes: 7Number of Materials and Material Instances: 13Number of Textures: 15Intended Platform: PCPlatforms Tested: PC


Sand Stone Pack Is a paid Unreal UE4 Asset , But now you can download Sand Stone Pack for Free

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