Scene-View FX v2.4

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Download Scene-View FX v2.4 Unity Asset For Free
Scene-View FX is an enhanced scene view window that operates like a normal scene view, only with added powerful visual features. All your post processing / image effects, advanced camera settings like rendering path, FOV and clip plane, are now reflected in your scene view, for beautiful editing, without needing to refer to the game view. At all. Simply open from the Window -> Scene View FX option, and use it instead of your normal Scene View. It’s as easy as that!Keyboard shortcuts (editable in script) are :P- Toggle post FXG- Toggle hiding of all gizmosFeatures- All post processing image effects supported including those that require the depth buffer!- Auto matching clipping planes for increased accuracy in depth buffer- FOV Matching- Live editing image effects camera automatically updates the scene view- Handy toggle switch to hide all your gizmos in the scene for a clean look- Easy access buttons sit right on the scene views toolbar- In FX mode, the scene view takes the background colour from the current camera.


Scene-View FX v2.4 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Scene-View FX v2.4 for Free

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