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Download SECTR AUDIO v1.2.2a

Download SECTR AUDIO v1.2.2a Unity Asset For Free
SECTR AUDIO brings the latest, cutting edge audio production tools and technologies to Unity, including an unparalleled suite of editor extensions and runtime components that let you create rich, complex, efficient soundscapes with ease.Major Features-Easy to use, powerful audio authoring GUI.-Built in randomization, fading, and templates.-Hierarchical and adaptive, HDR mixing.-Simple and volumetric sound sources.-Efficient, realtime audio occlusion.-Dynamic environmental audio propagation.-Nestable, stackable, 3D audio environments.-Complete PlayMaker support.-Optimized for maximum quality and performance.-Online Videos and DemosAll SECTR modules include complete source code, online support, and are fully compatible with Unity Free, Unity Pro, and Unity Version Control.Show Less


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