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Download Shader Forge v1.38 Unity Asset For Free
Shader Forge is a node-based shader editor, aiming to push the visual quality of Unity to new heights, giving you the artistic freedom of shader creation in a visual and intuitive way – no code required!What am I buying?• Commercial license of Shader Forge + upcoming updates• A pack of example shaders to study and use freelyWorkflow:• Create shaders visually, without any coding needed• No extra files to sync over your version control system; Shader Forge uses a single file for shaders – the .shader file itself• SF writes CG shaders that can be used in any project, without installing Shader Forge• Works in both Unity Pro and Unity Free• Documentation and support center, for contributing feedback and bug reportsSome of the features:• Built-in Physically Based Lighting mode and energy conserving shading• Visual and intuitive interface – Get a clear overview of what each node does• Custom lighting nodes and IBL support• DX11 Tessellation & Displacement• Transparency; both partial and alpha clipping• Refraction & Render Textures• Optionally use lightmapping and light probes / Spherical harmonics• Plus all the essentials such as cubemaps, custom blending modes, depth sorting, fog control, and much much more!Alpha/Beta tests so far:Shader Forge has been alpha-tested by a wide range of developers at companies ranging from several large studios such as Valve, Blizzard, DICE, Ubisoft, Bungie, EA, Avalanche Studios, Rovio, to indie studios such as Killbrite, InXile, The Chinese Room, and even developers like Marmoset, Samsung and Unity themselves.I’m super excited about this, as it’s my first asset release; which I hope is the start of a longer commitment to keep this up-to-date and as good as possible 🙂


Shader Forge v1.38 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Shader Forge v1.38 for Free

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