Sierra Foxtrot FPS GUI

Download Sierra Foxtrot FPS GUI Free


Download Sierra Foxtrot FPS GUI Unity Asset For Free
This is only a GUI skin and not a coded product.You NEED Photoshop to customize/edit/access this product, in it’s PSD forms. If you do not have a Licensed Photoshop you will be limited with only the sliced PNGs.”Sierra Foxtrot” is a military themed GUI for shooters. Targeted platform is PC.Contains:-Sliced PNGs-3 Main PSD Files-4 Secondary PSD Files-Photoshop CSH File-Fonts-Documentation RTF FileFeatures:-Less Smart Objects-Majority Vector Shapes-Flat,Gradients StyleElements:-Ammo/Weapons Indic.-Radar-HP/Armour Indic.-Weapon Selection-Kills Announce-Quick Score/Timer-Scoreboard-Loading Screen-Main Menu-Single/Multiplayer Menus-Buttons/Sliders/Radios/Checks-Rank Icons-Weapon Shapes-Escape Menu-Orange and Blue Versions-2 Crosshairs-Social Pannel-Messages-Options-Servers-Create Game/Join Game


Sierra Foxtrot FPS GUI Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Sierra Foxtrot FPS GUI for Free

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