Simple Apocalypse – Cartoon Assets v1.23

Download Simple Apocalypse - Cartoon Assets v1.23 Free


Download Simple Apocalypse – Cartoon Assets v1.23 Unity Asset For Free
A massive asset pack of Apocalypse Environments, Vehicles, Characters, Props, Items, Weapons and Animations. This fully “fleshed” our pack contains everything you need to get started on your next Apocalyptic zombie game!Includes demo scene.**Looks great in VR and on mobile**ASSETS22 Characters with 3 skin tone variationsBio hazard Guy, Businessman Survivor, Doctor, Farmer Survivor, Female Hero, Female Pyro, Female Soldier, Female trench coat Survivor, Hazard Survivor, Injured Survivor, Male 01 Survivor, Male 02 Survivor, Male 03 Survivor, Male Hunter Survivor, Male Trench coat Survivor, Old man survivor, Prisoner Survivor, Road worker Survivor, Scout, Survivor 01, Survivor 02 and Sheriff28 Zombies with 3 skin tone variationsAirport Security Zombie, Airport worker Zombie, Bellhop Zombie, Businessman Zombie, Cheerleader Zombie, Clown Zombie, Farmer Zombie, Farmers Daughter Zombie, Firefighter Zombie, Football Player Zombie, Grandma Zombie, Hobo Zombie, Industrial Zombie, Mechanical Zombie, Mountie Zombie, Pilot Zombie, Pimp Zombie, Prisoner Zombie, Prostitute Zombie, Road Worker Zombie, Robber Zombie, Runner Zombie, Santa Zombie, Shopkeeper Zombie, Soldier Zombie, Street man Zombie, Tourist Zombie and Trucker Zombie35 vehicle assetsIncluding 25 zombie killing machines.From armored school buses to campers this vehicle set comes with a huge variety of gameplay potential.119 Building assetsHeaps of buildings including a Hospital, Motel, Strip mall, Trailer park set, Diner, Suburbia set, Intercity set.67 Environment assetsRoads, crashed plane, forest tiles, ground tiles, subway entrance, power poles, trees etc48 Item AssetsSurvival gear etc404 Prop assetsQuarantine props, Military stuff, Body bags, survival gear, rafts, playgrounds, furniture etc75 Weapon assetsMelee weapons set. Gun set with attachments.43 Character AnimationsIdle, Walk, Run, Wave, Sitting, Wave, CheckWatch, Wipe Mouth, Running Jump, Standing Jump, Falling, Death 01, Death 02, Leaning Against Wall, Smoking, SexyDance, CrossArms, Hands On Hips, Idle Cross Arms, Idle Hands On Hips, Crouch Down, Crouch Idle, Crouch Up, Grenade Throw, Salute, Handgun Shoot, Handgun Reload, Auto Single Shot, Auto Full Auto Shoot, Auto Reload, Sub Machine Gun Single shot, Submachine Gun Full Auto Shoot, Submachine Gun Reload, Shotgun Shoot, Shotgun Reload, MiniGun shoot, MiniGun Idle, Rifle Shoot Reload, RPG Shoot, Bow load, Bow shoot, Bow Idle, Melee stab, Melee One handed and Melee Two handed


Simple Apocalypse – Cartoon Assets v1.23 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Simple Apocalypse – Cartoon Assets v1.23 for Free

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