Simple Cartoon FX Pack

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Download Simple Cartoon FX Pack Unreal Asset For Free
Build vast combinations of underground sewer or bunker areas with this modular creation set. Also fantastic for additions and expansions to existing levels that could use subterranean additions or secret access areas. With over 100+ pieces including vaulted ceilings, large pipes, distressed brick, grates, man-holes, ladders, circuit boxes, light fixtures, sewage water and reservoirs this modular set is designed to give you creative freedom and building power with HD textures and PBR materials that go beautifully with realistic rendering and art-styles. We created this to be a powerful and versatile set in your development toolbox that can be dressed up for hundreds of different needs.Technical DetailsPhysical Based Rendering: YesTexture Sizes:• 512×512• 1024×1024• 2048x2048Tri Count max – min:• Cables = 460 to 20• Vaults = 650 to 128• Walls = 112 to 12• Other = 300 to 26Content Includes:• (13) Materials• (2) Material Functions• (37) Textures• (96) MeshesGrid Snapping for Modular Assets:• 50 Units for Vaults, Wall, Floors,• 25 Units for CablesAsset size Scales For Modular Assets:• 600 x 600 x 200• 500 x 500 x 200• 100 x 600 x 200• 200 x 400 x 200• 200 x 200 x 200• 100 x 100 x 25Smaller props will differ in variationPivots:• Modular Building Assistance• Centered Pivots on front facing edge for most larger assets.• Corner Pivots on front facing edge appropriately for Large and Smaller Assets.• Object Center for Smaller PropsTarget Platform: PCTested For: PC


Simple Cartoon FX Pack Is a paid Unreal Asset , But now you can download Simple Cartoon FX Pack for Free

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