Simple Farm – Cartoon Assets v1.2

Download Simple Farm - Cartoon Assets v1.2 Free


Download Simple Farm – Cartoon Assets v1.2 Unity Asset For Free
A simple asset pack of vehicles, buildings, props and characters to create a farm based game. Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.Includes demo scenesUpdate 1.1- Added Dirt roads to connect to Simple Town- Added a scarecrow- Added individual plants- Added a cattlestop- Added version of trees without fruitCharacters (x4)Farmer(x3), Farmers Wife(x3), Farmers Daughter(x3) and Farmer Wrangler(x3).Vehicles (x7)Tractor Classic (x3), Tractor New (x3), Tractor Digger (x3), Harvester(x3), Harvester Hay(x3), Plow(x2), Farm truck(x3), and Farm Flatbed(x3)BuildingsHouse01, House 02, Barn small (x3), Barn medium(x3), Barn big(x3), Shed, Chicken house(x2) and Pig pen.EnvironmentWindmill, Outhouse, Hay bale(x2), Haystack, Well, Pitchfork 01, Pitchfork 02, Apple tree, Lemon tree, Orange tree, Ranch Sign, Crops (x6) Water tower, driveway, Grass, Dirt, wheelbarrow, Mailbox, Wooden Fence(x4),


Simple Farm – Cartoon Assets v1.2 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Simple Farm – Cartoon Assets v1.2 for Free

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