SimpliCity Mojave Desert v1.01

Download SimpliCity Mojave Desert v1.01 Free


Download SimpliCity Mojave Desert v1.01 Unity Asset For Free
SimpliCity Mojave Desert is a massive pack of different props, vehicles and structures that helps you create desert environments, locations and small towns. This asset pack contains about 150 prefabs:modular roads and sidewalks, nature props like trees, cactus, grass and rocks, industrial props and buildings (oil extraction, wind farm) deep space communication complex, biker car, highway motel, houses, fences, shops, food supermarket, diner, lots of street props, vehicles, motorcycles, signs and more. All models share 2 textures and materials, texture atlases are 1024×1024, and 2048×2048 that contains reflectionspecular maps. Assets are low poly so you can freely use them for mobile devices.


SimpliCity Mojave Desert v1.01 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download SimpliCity Mojave Desert v1.01 for Free

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