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Download Sky Master v1.7.1 Unity Asset For Free
Sky Master is a Dynamic Sky, Weather & Cloud solution for Unity, with support for all Unity versions/platforms and is ideal for both mobile and desktop use.Sky Master ULTIMATE version is also available.The ULTIMATE version of the pack includes GI PROXY asset for fast real time Global Illumination without baking, image effect volumetric fog, volumetric lighting & cloud shadows & advanced Particle Dynamic Magic powered effects. Plus a wide collection of ready to use presets for the sky and clouds and Speed Tree integration.Windows Demos (Use Fantastic quality):InfiniCLOUD (Vegetation created & optimized with InfiniGRASS v2.0)Atoll Light Scatter | AirplaneDark Mood Dynamic Particle CloudsFall through cloudsIt includes one draw call Volumetric Clouds, sun beams, a physically based Sky Rendering system with atmospheric scattering & artistic effects like Halos. The Sky Manager provides automatic or on demand day/night cycle & smooth weather/seasonal transitions.The new skybox mode in v1.5 offers complete integration with Unity 5 and all its features (IBL, GI, Skybox).Advanced particle effects like Tornados, Volumetric Fog/Smoke, Volcanic eruption & lava flow, rain, chain lightning & more are included in both versions.Create spectacular skies, dynamic clouds and weather systems, with time of day and seasonal changes. Compatible with indirect lighting from Global Illumination Proxy system.The system has been created to deliver realistic Skies & Weather effects, with seasons and dynamic clouds, scalable depending on the hardware target. Sky Master works on all platforms and in both Unity Free and Pro.Features- NEW(v1.5)-Complete integration with Unity 5 and all its features (IBL, GI, Skybox) with the new skybox mode.- NEW(v1.5)-Artistic dynamic effects in sky shading (e.g. heat haze shimmering, sepia)- NEW(v1.5)-New performance oriented shader & asset bundle & more ready to use prefabs.- NEW(v1.5)-Volumetric scatter fog shading for mesh and Unity terrains- REAL SKY – Physically based atmospheric scattering, for realistic sky rendering & Artistic special effects.- REAL CLOUDS – Dynamic cloud formations, affected by season and wind. Volumetric particle clouds & fog. Fly through ready.- REAL SUN RAYS – Dynamic sun beams, with smooth transitions & occlusion system.- REAL WEATHER – Seasonal control of weather effects, with smooth transitions- REAL STORM – Heavy storm simulation, with dynamic cloud fronts, lightning & lighting effects- REAL TORNADO – Dynamic controllable tornados- REAL VOLCANO -realistic volcanic erruption, smoke & lava flow.The framework is written in C# code and the source code is provided.


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