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Download StreetViewConverter v1.5.17 Unity Asset For Free
StreetView Converter for Unity 5Use amazing panoramas instead of boring auto-generated skyboxes!This tool converts StreetView URL’s to cubemap.How to use:1. Find panorama (see many examples at or Open panorama in new Google Maps window (see mapcrunch.jpg and googleStreetView.jpg)3. Copy URL address (it looks like,6.076324,3a,75y,81.97h,120.37t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sKGf112kOlNIAAAQJODj8Mw!2e0!3e5)4. Import StreetView Converter asset in Unity5. Invoke Window/GoogleStreetViewConverter6. Paste URL7. Press Convert buttonSee screenplay at scenes1. downloadPreview – downloads panorama in realtime- press Play to view panorama- see parameters of Sphere object for Texture Tool script2. preloadedPanorama – preloaded panorama in high qualityContent of folders with panoramas:cube_-23.303391×151.914955.cubemap- cubemap in high qualityinner_-23.303391×151.914955.mat- material with cubemappoint_-23.303391×151.914955.prefabpreview1_-23.303391×151.914955.jpg- 512×256 panorama previewpreview2_-23.303391×151.914955.jpg- 1024×512 panorama previewpreview2_-23.303391×151.914955.jpg_-23.303391×151.914955.mat- material for previewpreview3_-23.303391×151.914955.jpg- 2048×1024 panorama previewurl.txt- address of panorama


StreetViewConverter v1.5.17 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download StreetViewConverter v1.5.17 for Free

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