Suburb Neighborhood House Pack (Modular) v1.0

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Download Suburb Neighborhood House Pack (Modular) v1.0

Download Suburb Neighborhood House Pack (Modular) v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
Create easily beautiful looking and high detailed residential houses and streets from modular pieces and populate the scene with huge amount of props to create a complete suburban neighborhood.Package includes a modular road system with sidewalks, modular houses with exteriors and interiors, trees, bushes, flowers, mailboxes, cars, lamps, electric poles etc.Everything is well optimized and made with good performance and customization in mind. With included snap to grid tool, building houses and streets is fast and effective.- Everything is so modular that you can build a huge multi-story house or just a cabin or everything between that or use premade houses.- Materials can be easily changed to give a different look and creating your own materials is easy.- Customization possibilites are endless.Main Features:- Modular houses with and without interiors.- Modular suburban road system.- 6 Premade houses without interiors with customization possibilites.- 3 Premade houses with interios with customization possibilites.- Daytime example scene with interiors. (webdemo)- Daytime example scene without interiors.- Nightime example scene without interios. (webdemo)- Example scene for House Furniture Pack- Package contains over 230 prefabs.- Over 130 house or street pieces with swappable material possibilities.- Over 90 Suburban environment props.- Premade prefabs of every object with good colliders.- Snap to grid, light flicker, light optimization and door opening scripts included.- Create houses and streets fast with snap to grid tool. (ctrl + L to open snap options)- Everything you see in the web demos, videos or screenshots are included, including the same demo scenes.- To get interior props you needHouse Furniture Pack- To get one of the example houses in this pack fully decorated, Import Furniture pack and simply copy the props object from Furniture pack example scene to Suburb pack example scene and props will fit in their places.- For best results it’s recommended to use Linear Color Space and Deferred Rendering Path.Note: Package includes Standard Assets packs for camera effects. Such as characters pack, effects pack and cinematic image effects pack. If you do not wish to import these please do not import Standard Assets and Editor folders.


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